ASRC Civil Construction is guided and supported by ASRC Construction Holding Company. As part of The ACHC Family of Companies, we have the collective capacity and financial strength to handle any construction project.

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The ACHC Family of Companies 

ASRC Construction Holding Company (ACHC)

ASRC Civil Construction (ACCL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASRC Construction Holding Company (ACHC), LLC.  ACHC is comprised of companies providing more than $150 million in construction services each year, and which have completed in excess of $1.4 billion of projects over the past 10 years. ACHC companies provide a broad range of construction services to a wide variety of customers in the private and government sectors.

ACHC provides executive management, administrative functions and support services to its construction entities. This unique structure results in a meaningful efficiency. ACCL takes advantage of the economies of scale created by the centralization of these services, and realizes significant benefits in indirect, general, and administrative costs savings.

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC)

ACHC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), an Iñupiat-owned corporation created as a result of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. ASRC is the largest of the Alaska Native corporations and the largest private employer in the state. This multibillion-dollar company operates interests in construction, oilfield support, engineering, finance, government services, and numerous industries throughout the United States.