ASRC Civil Construction is guided and supported by ASRC Construction Holding Company. As part of The ACHC Family of Companies, we have the collective capacity and financial strength to handle any construction project.

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Extensive Experience in Paving and Road Construction

Our management team has over 75 years of combined industry experience

Our team possesses over 75 years of combined construction and paving experience. We have a long history of successful completion of federal, state, municipal, and commercial construction contracts.

Our experience includes complete civil construction for airfield and heavy highway projects for military and commercial customers.

An Established Contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense

A contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense

We have successfully completed many civil and paving projects for the Department of Defense at Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson.

Our projects have included roadway reconstruction, airfield resurfacing, paving of military access roads and facility parking lots. All work has been completed to Air Force specifications, on time and within budget.

We Employ Industry-leading, Late-Model Equipment

Over $25 million in fleet equipment

We have access to $25 million worth of equipment to help you achieve your civil construction needs throughout rural and urban Alaska. Our fleet includes equipment to meet all of Alaska's construction challenges.

We can employ everything from off-road haulers to mobile asphalt plants at your project location.

Collective Financial Strength

Through our family of companies’ long history of successful financial performance and contract execution, our customers are assured we are capable of meeting the financial and bond requirements of large scale construction projects.

Consolidated Resources

Through the centralized support services and modern equipment fleet provided by our parent company, we are able to offer efficiencies that translate into value and cost savings for our customers.

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